I’m Not Interested In Bobs, But This Medium-Length Haircut Was Made For Me

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Whether it’s a gel manicure, a brow wax or a six-week trim, some people have a beauty schedule set in stone. Despite my best efforts, finding the time to fit in regular salon appointments always seems to be very far down on my list of priorities. That’s how I managed to go an entire year without a single haircut. As such, my waist-length hair was wispy and lifeless, and the once-vibrant ‘candlelit brunette’ hair color I had last January had all but dimmed. This year, however, I vowed to keep on top of things, starting with something a little different.

While I am forever inspired by the abundance of short hair trends (think the elegant “baroque” bob with its curled ends, or the “preppy” bob, which is equal parts blunt and choppy), I see hair as a large part of my identity. I wanted to go much shorter, but I still wanted to feel like me. Most importantly, I had to be able to whip my hair up into a scrunchie or a claw clip on office days. What I needed, then, was an “in-between” cut.

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Right now, medium-length haircuts are everywhere. Just look to digital creator Paola Matute and actor Jenna Ortega for inspiration. This past month, Google searches for “mid-length haircuts” have shot up by 50%, while the phrase serves up thousands of videos on TikTok, from the “kitty” cut (a softer, more feminine take on the shaggy “wolf” cut) and the “butterfly” lob (a layered long bob). I was convinced that a similar, medium-length cut would work well with my thick and wavy hair, so I decided to bite the bullet and finally book in at the John Frieda salon on London’s Margaret Street.

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Hairstylist Ronnie Berg wasted no time in telling me why she currently loves this particular length on her clients: “It’s easier to manage compared to super long hair or a very short bob,” said Berg. “Typically, it’s already past the shoulders so there’s no awkward length to grow through, but it still feels modern and different,” she added. What’s more, Berg believes that a medium-length cut makes hair look much healthier, as it bounces off of the shoulders. “If …read more

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