8 Handbag Trends That’ll Have Your 2024 Style In The Bag

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So far, 2024 is shaping up to be one of the boldest years yet when it comes to fashion: Denim as eveningwear will be on the rise, non-celebrities will be going pantsless, and there will be bows aplenty. Accessorizing will be all about having fun, too, thanks to anklets with a luxury twist and innovative applications of mesh fabrics in footwear. Handbags will play an important role in 2024’s overall style outlook as well, with some of the biggest trends dabbling in a bit of drama.

While Succession — in tandem with TikTok — is regarded as a catalyst for 2023’s biggest trend, quiet luxury, the aesthetic has had a ripple effect across the 2024 spring/summer collections, too. Also bringing the drama are the same 3D florals making waves across all fashion categories in 2024 along with bright blue hues that stand to steal the sartorial show. As always, there are more timeless trends for those of us who prefer not to cause a commotion with our closets. From the dazzling to the demure, we’ve compiled eight of the top handbag trends for 2024 to help carry you through the coming months of great style. 

Handbag Trend 2024: Circular Shapes

Trends are cyclical, and sometimes that circularity can be applied quite literally in the realm of design. Case in point: Designers like Altuzarra, Louis Vuitton, and Longchamp featured round purses on their spring/summer 2024 runways. Whether it’s a petite style with a top handle or something more convenient that can be worn across the body, circle bags are on deck to hit a wardrobe home run.  

Handbag Trend 2024: Double Up

Why stop at one purse when you can carry multiple? Alaïa, Coach, and Jil Sander are doubling down on the double bag trend, styling smaller, top-handle purses over larger carryalls. Whether you need the extra storage space or you’re simply aiming to make a style statement, opt for a medium-sized, minimalist base like a black tote that you can pair with a mini (or micro!) bag for an added layer of texture, color, or shape.

Handbag Trend 2024: Snakeskin Print

Borrowing from one of 2024’s top shoe trends are handbag styles featuring a snakeskin print. The daring motif can function as a neutral in shades of brown or gray as it did at Fendi, or it can be more of an embossed accent piece in vibrant shades like Gucci’s neon green or Rejino Pyo’s bright blue (more on this particular hue later). Don’t hesitate to pair your reptilian-inspired pick with matching kicks or even an overcoat in the same pattern — if Jil Sander’s coordinating ensembles are to be trusted, there will be no such thing as too much snake print in 2024. 

Handbag Trend 2024: Clutch Move

Not all handbags require hands, at least not always. The …read more

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