10 Movies That Feel Like Summer & Where To Stream Them

Looking to put yourself in a good summer mood without actually leaving the comforts of your own couch (or bed, or wherever you’re streaming something right now)?

As the summer rolls on, you might find yourself looking to escape into a story about the sun, sand, and scenic locations. There are plenty of summery movies to stream that will certainly make you feel like you’re embarking on an exciting getaway — or reminiscing about summers growing up (no matter how awkward they might have been). 

Across the four major streaming services — we’re talking Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV here — there are plenty of movies, both new and old, that you can dive right into for a summery feeling. Whether you’re looking for some big blockbuster set at the beach, a coming-of-age story on the eve of some school graduation, or even something where it feels like you’re pulling an all-nighter into the summer nights. There are so many different movies to choose from!

So grab your favorite snack that keeps you cool, crank up the air conditioning, and snuggle up on the couch, the bed, or wherever you might be watching.  Anyone But You
Stream It On: Apple TV

Sydney Sweeney stars as Bea, who has an adorable yet self-aware meet-cute with her co-star Glen Powell’s character, Ben. But after a big misunderstanding, they soon go from strangers, to lovers, to enemies. You’ve likely come across the footage of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell enjoying their time filming in Sydney, which makes the perfect backdrop for this summer rom-com.Swiss Army Man
Stream It On: Netflix

Want to spend some time on a deserted island with Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe? Oh yeah, also one of them is dead. Swiss Army Man is definitely an inverted survivalist story — this by no means an uplifting Castaway story. It might not even fulfill any of your dreams of being alone on a deserted island. But it is funny, and that’s what matters here.

Cha Cha Real Smooth
Stream It On: Apple TV

Anything Dakota Johnson — inject it. This 2022 film sees her (irresistible as always) as Domino, a local mother, who meets 22-year-old non-starter Andrew. He’s got his sights set on her, but can’t seem to get his life together, bar his strange talent as a motivational dancer at bat mitzvahs. It’s his last summer before entering adulthood and he has to mature and pull himself up by his bootstraps if he wants to find love.Mamma Mia!
Stream It On: Netflix

The only thing better than a summer romance is three! Let the sweeping Grecian vistas and Meryl Streep’s, well, everything, put you in a good mood. Besides, is there anything more summery than ABBA?Ingrid Goes West
Stream It On: Hulu

Ingrid Goes West is really about a girl named Ingrid who stalks the heck out of someone on Instagram. That being said, sunny southern California is a main character in the movie all thanks to a surplus of Instagram-worthy sunsets and sandy beaches. Please don’t try to Ingrid Goes West …read more

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