WATCH: Broncos’ Courtland Sutton’s 42-yard reception against the Chiefs

.@CaseKeenum goin’ DEEP!@SuttonCourtland hauls in the 42-yard dime. #BroncosCountry #KCvsDEN : ESPN — NFL (@NFL) October 2, 2018 Related Articles Broncos podcast: Why quarterback Case Keenum should thrive against Chiefs Broncos Game Plan: How Denver matches against Kansas City, injury report and predictions Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes is the AFC West’s newest problem […]


Marner & Maple Leafs ready for Stanley Cup level expectations

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Discussions between Kavanaugh and his Yale classmates suggest he knew about one sexual misconduct allegation sooner than he acknowledged during his Senate testimony

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his staff were reportedly sending text messages to former classmates to underplay allegations that he exposed himself during a party at Yale University. One of Kavanaugh’s friends said in a message that she corresponded with “Brett” and “Brett’s guy.” A recipient of the text messages said she forwarded them to the […]