Trump hired Obama lookalike he ‘ritualistically belittled’ and fired in video stunt, says Michael Cohen in new book

Summary List Placement Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, has described his ex-boss’ obsessive hatred of President Barack Obama in extracts from his upcoming memoir published by news outlets Saturday.  In an extract of Cohen’s “Disloyalty: A Memoir,” published by CNN and the Washington Post, Cohen claims that Trump described Obama as a “Manchurian […]


Bank of America lays out the under-the-radar indicators showing that huge swaths of the stock market are ‘running on fumes’ — and warns a September meltdown may just be getting started

Summary List Placement Late last week, investors were served their regular and unpleasant reminder that stocks also go down. One of the fastest market comebacks ever was stopped in its tracks when the Dow Jones industrial average and S&P 500 saw their worst single-day declines since June.    Even before the sell-off occurred, several institutional […]


Bridge: Sept. 6, 2020

Unlucky Louie, who has two daughters away at college, was griping in the club lounge about the skyrocketing cost of a college education. We all agreed that it has become outrageous. “It’s the opposite of a kidnapping,” Louie told us. “Unless you pay the bursar $75,000, he sends your daughter back home.” I don’t know […]


Word Game: Sept. 6, 2020

TODAY’S WORD — TONSURE (TONSURE: TON-shur: The act of shaving the head or part of the head.) Average mark 45 words Time limit 60 minutes Can you find 58 or more words in TONSURE? TODAY’S WORD — TONSURE tenor tensor tern tone toner tore torn tour true tune tuner turn onset onus ours oust ouster outer nest […]


Climate change has arrived

The connection between hellacious weather and man-made climate change is becoming undeniable. Here’s everything you need to know: What has shifted? For years, climate scientists have been wary of attributing extreme weather directly to man-made atmospheric warming, but that’s changing in the face of historic heat waves and cascading natural disasters. In recent weeks alone, […]


How to introduce an effective diversity and inclusion strategy, according to Monzo’s former diversity chief

Summary List Placement There has been a surge in initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Since 2015, the number of executives with D&I job titles increased 113%, according to ZoomInfo, reflecting how diversity has become a pressing priority for businesses. Sheree Atcheson, the new diversity, equity, and inclusion director at employee engagement […]


Chinese tech giant Tencent backed AI startup SenSat in a $10 million funding round after seeing this pitch deck

Summary List Placement Launched in 2018, AI startup SenSat has already raised $10 million in a Series A fundraising round led by Tencent.  The London-based firm uses drones and AI to create ‘digital twin’ versions of real-world environments, which can then be used in construction and other industries to improve efficiency.  The firm says it […]